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Because of Hitler's search for a national history of origin, the association of Atlantis with the Aryan race contributed to the rise of Nazism.
It was because of Hitler’s need for a national story of origin that Atlantis became important to the politics of Nazi Germany. Looking for a way to bolster a fragile German economy, Hitler presented his extermination solution to the Jewish question before the Reichstag on January 30 1939.
The association of Atlantis with a superior, evolved race - the Aryans – became the “history” that was used to justify Germany’s extermination policies. This Aryan connection can be traced from a 17th century Swedish historian to 20th century Nazi Mysticism.

Olaus Rudbeck and the Nordic Connection

Olaus Rudbeck, professor of Medicine at Uppsala in the late 1600’s was one of the few writers to suggest that Atlantis was fact, not fiction and that Scandinavia was one of the first lands occupied by Atlantean survivors. Their presence in Sweden contributed to the Norse myths and the “Viking Age” from the 9th to the 12th centuries.
Rudbeck’s claims were echoed by 18th century scholar, Jean Sylvie Bailly, who concurred that what was left of Atlantis could be found in Spitsbergen, a Norwegian island. Rudbeck’s tracking of Atlantean influences in Sweden was verified in the 1960’s when Swedish archaeologists located Scandinavia’s earliest known Bronze Age site in Uppsala, Sweden.

Rudolf Steiner and the Aryan Connection

The Atlantis-Nordic connection was further taken up by Rudolf Steiner who claimed that Atlantis’ early inhabitants had highly evolved psychic power allowing them to communicate telepathically in images rather than words. Steiner also claimed that the early Atlanteans, whom he called the “root people,” were spiritual initiates who were able to control the forces of nature through ”etheric technology.” However, the rise of materialists towards the latter part of civilization resulted in a conflict between the two groups and its ensuing cataclysm.
Steiner speculated that the Aryans descended from a small portion of the Atlantean population; he also explicitly associated the Aryans with “present-day civilized humanity.” According to Peter Staudenmaier, this concept of Aryanism rose from an error – a conflation of language and race – a view that has since been confirmed by anthropologists. In fact, the real prehistoric race identified as Aryans lived in what is now Iran and Northern India; these Aryans had no connection with the Eurocentric concept of Aryans.

Atlantis and Nazi Mysticism

How did this Eurocentric “Aryan race” repudiated by most anthropologists before the middle of the 20th century become the basis of the Nazi policy of racial purge and extermination?
The answer lies in Heinrich Himmler who was fascinated with the popular Madame Blavatsky, occultist and medium. Blavatsky claimed that the survivors of Atlantis, an elite priesthood with evolved psychic power, took refuge in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Setting up the National Heritage institute as part of the SS, Himmler sent archaeologists to different geographical areas to search for evidence of Atlantis. There was much speculation that various expeditions, including one to Tibet, made by German SS troops were motivated by the Aryan connection.
Hitler’s search for a national origin story for Germany rendered him susceptible to Himmler’s influence. Atlantis, with its association with an evolved race, became the scapegoat of Nazi propaganda.
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